Extra Perceptory

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Thursday, April 17

Installment H

This is too much.

"Pink!" Jessica screamed as she was knocked against the nearest wall by a raging Claire. Priscilla had soiled herself and laid in a heap on the group, while Hope was in the middle, slowly scratching at her neck.

We were about halfway through the maze when it started happening. Everyone just suddenly lost their wits, overcome by the massive psychic force blanketing the battlefield. Claire, Priscilla, and Hope were near by, but I have no idea what happened to the other two. For all I know they were killing each other, or tearing out their internal organs. Either way, this needs to end now.

I can't believe this is happening.
This is too extreme. There's no way this is what training should be like. As soon as this is over, I quit.

I stood firm, somehow. The mental stress was hard to take. It was like trying to hold off a ten man battering ram with nothing but a one handed wooden shield. With each mental attack I felt my arms and legs go numb. I was slowly losing control of my body, which was a lot more than anyone around me could say. I noticed pant-wetting was the first sign that someone had lost control. I had to try as hard as I could to avoid that, no matter what the costs.

Psychic recoil was flying left and right relentlessly, but somehow under the stress I managed to see where it was coming from, at least for a short time. With a few quick jerks I managed to get my shoe off, then lobbed it over the wall right at the source of the confusion. If it, or she, was moving in any direction I was screwed.

Luckily, I heard it strike the target, and a few seconds of clear thoughts were my reward. I already had plans of just how I was to reimburse my opponent. During the free time, for lack of a better term, most of the girls around me fainted. I suspect all the girls in the maze are being effected, possibly even the seniors who were suppose to watch over us.

I shot out a thin, yet powerful strand of thought in an attempt to see just what was going on. It latched onto the target's mind and stuck. I had to somehow stop this mess before It got even more out of hand.

No way!

It was Lena, she had lost control. The amplifies must've been too much strain for her to take. Her powers were beyond measure.

"Stop it!" I yelled, but to no avail.

Lena was in a fetal position near the entrance to the maze, crying. She realized what she was doing, but couldn't stop it for the life of her. Everything was so simple now. All I had to do was calm her down, somehow. Or take her out of the amplification field, somehow. As long as I preserved the connection linking my mind to hers, there's no way she can take me. Her impulses were bouncing off my barrier like moths to a sheet of steel.

The first thing I tried was to raise my shield so I might encompass everyone around me, naturally.

After a brief moment of staggering amounts of concentration, I broke free Priscilla and Hope, who immediately decided to run for the entrance to tell the others, only to once again fall under Lena's control as soon as they were 3 meters out of my range. This was becoming wholly ridiculous.


"Listen here!" I yelled over the commotion Hope was making after I once again broke her and Priscilla free. "You're both going to give me a boost over the wall, and I'll deal with the problem. Understand?"

Without the dignity of a response, only their heads wobbled up and down, the scared and shaky girls hoisted my legs up as I grabbed onto the edge of the wall. With a loud heave I rose my feet up behind me to straddle the wall, all the while trying to get a good bearing of my surroundings. A quick glance around told me everyone who had come near the maze had been affected. I saw several teachers and administrators passed out on either sides of the maze. A few of them had made it pretty far in, but eventually fell victim just to Lena's unstoppable power.

Even the teachers? But I'm still in the game. Looks like I am something after all.

I jumped down the other side and made my way through the winding maze towards Lena. I thought it would be more difficult to find her, but the trail of fainted, or worse, girls lead me straight to her.

Lena had crawled into an isolated corner near the entrance. I grabbed her under the arms and started pulling her towards the exit. I could feel her immense pain just by being so close within her proximity. Her nose was bleeding like a waterfall, and her eyes were red and puffy. Just being this close to her was like trying to wade through a powerful river, mentally that is.

I pulled her across the threshold just as Brix and several other teachers exited a newly arrived capsule.

I dove straight into Lena's mind. I knew she wouldn't be able to respond to my impulses, but I knew she would recognize me. As to what effect that would have on her condition, or mine, I didn't know. I was operating purely on impulse.

I can't believe this is happening.

I closed my eyes to concentrate as I continued cautiously into Lena's mind . . .

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