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Thursday, April 3

Installment FF

(Yo everybody. This is just a bonus chapter, seeing as I've been in Germany for the past 10 days. I wish I could post two chapters, but I still need time to write. You can skip right over this chapter if you want, It's basically just a quick little history lesson on how the world of EP came about, and then a little relationship development between Lena and Isaac. But the plot and story are completely untouched. If you want to skip straight to the love scene, it's after the last set of asterisks. Hope you enjoy!)

"Hey Pink!" Claire greeted as she sat down on my bunk. "What are you up to?"

"Well, Lena made a deal with Brix. Basically, all I have to do is write a brief history paper on whatever topic I choose, and based on that Brix will decide whether or not I get credits for the courses I had to drop out of."

"That's sweet!" Jessica exclaimed from the pile of mattresses in the middle.

"You still haven't told me what you're going to write it about, Pink." Lena reminded me.

"Well," I started, but stopped for a moment as the thoughts congealed, "Probably a brief history of the world."

"Excellent choice." Jessica responded with a humorous tone.


The World 2180-2200
by Isaac Erlenmeyer

In 2159, an 18 year old male enlisted as a private into the United States Army. His name was Edward Chekvey, and this man changed the face of North America, as we know it.

But first off, I'd like to briefly delve into the the events occurring in Europe, Asia, and Africa before explaining the situation in the U.S.

It all started in 2155, a large article was signed by almost every nation of the world union called the "Weapons Not Fit For Humankind" bill. It specified that all countries were to destroy any weapons which were found to be too extreme, or too deadly for any human to command the power of. This bill also describes the duties of all signing it to keep a constant watch on all the countries around them in order to insure that they do not produce, or attempt to acquisition any of the weapons or materials on the list. This created a world in which no weapons were necessary, and countries were constantly policing other countries, while being policed themselves. It worked quite well, and the weapons on the bill were updated several times a day. This marked the new era of everlasting peace that was attributed to the completion of the nuclear stations on the sun, as well as the free mass transit systems across the world.

The "labs", as many call them, are space stations closely orbiting the sun that suck up random pieces of nuclear fusion and preserve it in it's core for the duration of the reaction, then transmits all of the energy collected to Earth via a satellite system that blankets the Earth in a free, inextinguishable field of pure energy. The Earth's magnetic waves distribute this energy to all electronic devices automatically, and the stations carry an automated system to inspect and repair themselves using the limitless energy from the sun. Outside of the Earth's atmosphere, all vehicles and ships only require a satellite or antenna, which will allow them to tap into the limitless energy being broadcast across the solar system.

Now that the Societies of the Earth had finally achieved a free, limitless, pollution free, and for all practical purposes inexhaustible means of producing energy, the only question left to answer was where are we suppose to expand to? This was meat by the Chinese government's expansion to Mars. Several Countries tried to secure the abundance of space and resources present on Mars, but Asia beat everyone else to the punch. This left everyone else fighting for the moon. The reason Asia was able to secure it's place so easily was because of it's numerous technological advancements in the realm of space travel. Asia had no choice, most of it's land was polluted to the point it could no longer be used. Russia was close behind, and had an equally useless mass of toxic fields and radioactive tanks.

In Russia during the 2170's, a large amount of technology funding was put into the research and military application of psychic powers, which were now popping up throughout the world. During most of the 70's psychic powers were thought of as "Sadistic and unhealthy superstition," as Chekvey himself put it. However, behind closed doors to the rest of the world Russia was massing an army of unbeatable psy warriors. Russia wanted to conquer the rest of Europe, and almost did. In what most recall as "World War III" Russia made a valiant attempt at the acquisition of every European country, as well as northern parts of Africa, and several pieces of Asia untouched by the massive areas of land made deadly through radioactive pollution.

"Hey! Wait a second," Lena had been reading over my shoulder, again. "If Russia had an unbeatable race of psy people, then why did it lose?"

"I was getting to that."

"But also, Pink, if Asia had such super powered technology, why did they destroy their home land?"

"They did manage to achieve a level of technological superiority, but it came with a great cost, the cost of the one thing worth anything in this day and age, land."

"Yeah, but how?"

"It's actually pretty simple," I said after a sigh "They put too much into industry, and never took pollution into account. After we harnessed the energy of the sun, they're radioactive waste started consuming everything around it and defiling the land at an exponential rate. They had to build containment fields to keep it from destroying the entire planet. The majority of Asia is deadly to even be near, and it'll take millions of years for the damage to be undone."

"So that's why they all left to live on Mars? I thought that was to get away from WWIII."

"A little of both. But mainly they had nowhere else to go. It's sad really. A lot of people were left behind and died of radiation poisoning. They may be decades ahead of us as far as technology goes, but they saw the costs of their actions were too high a price to pay."

Russia was eventually fought off through the creation and implementation of robot soldiers, who made quick work of the Russian offensive. However, the bloody war left all of Europe broken beyond repair. Before the robots were created, the use of several different types of bombs, mines, even lasers were used. It made for massive areas of complete and utter destruction, ranging from Poland, to England, from the Nordic regions to Spain and Italy. It would take decades for the buildings to be rebuilt and the population to regenerate. Efforts continue to this day in order to reconstruct the countries Russia attacked.

At the same time, in the U.S., a rebellion came around that no one would have expected. Probably the most organized rebellion in all of National history.

"So that's where the pirates came in?" Lena asked as she put her head on my shoulder.

"Don't you have a boyfriend?" I asked.

"Not like I'd tell you."

The rebellion was organized through two pirate radio stations off the coasts of the U.S. They were largely kept secret, but offered instructions, schedules, and even detailed plans on just how the operation would commence.

This rebellion was in response to the first coup d'etat in American History. Chekvey took the president out of power using military force, which was unheard of at the time. However Chekvey's popularity didn't last long. Eventually, his military backing was eroded by his acts of senseless violence, and demoralizing attitude towards the population he lead.

It was difficult to spread information in a world where cameras watched your every step and the walls literally have ears leading straight to Chekvey, but somehow the American people's overcame, making use of their one true advantage, the element of surprise.


I set the paper down. I was done for tonight. This essay desperately needed some organization, dates and times, and the library was closed. I would revise it later.

"That's all you're going to do? I thought you were some huge history buff." Lena spoke as her head still laid comfortably on my shoulder, I honestly didn't mind. I sort of liked it.

"I'm barely 13."

"Oh, big deal." Lena walked over to the edge of my bed, and made a sweeping motion by my legs with her hand. "Move."

I reposition so there was room for her to sit.

"I'm mentally exhausted, I'll work on it tomorrow."

"Yeah, I can understand how you feel."

I couldn't tell whether or not she was being sarcastic.

"Don't you ever do homework?" I asked.

"You know, I looked it up, and we're the only two students in the history of this Psy Aca to have such developed powers at such a young age."

Her powers are ten times as potent as mine. Why is she grouping us together?

Immediately Lena got up and walked to her bunk. I suppose I might have offended her somehow. It didn't really matter. I was tired, so I stretched out and let out a generously sized yawn. My arms ached from carrying so many books all day. That's when a weight decided to suddenly drop itself on my legs. I looked down to see Lena sitting comfortably on my knees.

"Is that really necessary?" I asked, apathetically.

"Well, everyone else is still at diner, so it's boring over there all by myself. Thought I might give you some more company. It's your choice if you want to move your legs, I'm perfectly fine."

"I'm tired, I'm laying down. You can lay here next to me." I scooted over a bit, making room for her, but she never responded.

I laid for what seemed to be a long while wondering if I had been to rash. I knew what I said had sexual implications, but I also knew Lena had a boyfriend. I never meant it in a sexual way.

I tilted my head up to see Lena staring at me. "Don't worry about it," I told her, this time sure to sound as non-seductive as possible, "just forget I said anything."

"No, no. Not at all." Lena said
expeditiously, tripping over her own words.

Lena laid down next to me, I could feel her breathing heavily. She really was attracted to me. And she doesn't know that I know she has a boyfriend back home. It's crazy how easily she could get away with cheating on him right now. I never wanted to make things this complicated.

"Look, Lena, if this is going too far . . ."

"Not at all." She replied quickly. "In fact I really like you. I just thought you'd never ask."

Don't do it Lena, it's not worth it.

"Ask you to lay down?" I asked, pretending to be oblivious.

"Ask to be together like this."

Screw preteen politics.

"So, you're saying, it would be okay if we had a relationship." I whispered in a mumble.

She turned her head to look at me, our faces were centimeters away from each other, our noses touched. I could still feel her breathing heavily against my arm. Strands of hair fell across her head as her eyes betrayed her calm face by showing every revolution in her fast beating heart.

"Yeah, of course I'd be okay with that." Lena responded.

"You're so attractive, smart, and funny, it's just hard for me to imagine that you don't already have a boyfriend back home." Now I was just being cruel.

"Nope. I'm not interested in the boys back home. They're not like you."

I wanted to slip to find out if she was lying or not, but something made me decide not to. Maybe I already knew the answer. Maybe I didn't want to know the truth.

So what if she already has a boyfriend back home? He'll never know about me. He can have her back on the breaks and vacations, but until then she's mine.

I don't know how long our faces stayed together. I didn't even realized we had been kissing until I removed my mouth from her lips.

"Don't you have homework to do?" I asked her.

She responded by rolling on top of me and once again placing her lips on mine. The minutes rolled by like centuries as we lay together in a realm free of anxieties, cares, worries, and time.

If only centuries could be just a little bit longer.

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